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ILFCO is looking for sales agents who know their local market well and have clients as well as products in need of filters for filtration of water.


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ILFCO AB is a Swedish company specialized in filtration of low-quality water, with more than 30 years of experience from multi basket auto flush filters in cooling water systems. Furthermore, with a long experience and strong roots in the industry, ILFCO creates innovation that lasts by filtering water from natural water sources such as sea, river and lake water. ILF filters provide stable pressure drop and low flushing flow together with a service-friendly design - providing businesses with cost-efficient solutions with high performance. Thereby, ILF filters have the particular properties to protect coolers and other sensitive components from clogging, fouling and damages.

Despite an established customer base in Sweden, we have received demand for our ILF filters globally, thus ILFCO is looking for sales agents worldwide who are interested in adding our product to their product portfolio, to satisfy even more customers within their local area. Today, our primary client base is within the following areas: Refinery, Oil & Gas, Power, Chemistry, Distillation, Secondary Cooling, Petrochemistry. 

ILFCO is looking for agents who know their local market well and have clients as well as products in need of filter systems. An agent who works with us gets full responsibility for a market area, support from the Swedish team and a competitive commission base. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your thoughts on this project and provide you with further details.

Email: info@ilfco.se Website: www.ilfco.se

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Engineering:  Machinery, Machinery, industrial equipment: Industrial devices, industrial equipment, Machinery, industrial equipment: Pumps, compressors, Plant engineering and construction, Ventilation, heat engineering

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Appraisers, consultants, Chemical industry, varnishes, lacquers, paints, Civil engineering, glass industry, Electric utilities and power generation, Electrical industry and electronic industry, Engineering firms, company of consulting engineers, Engineers, Food and beverage industry, luxury foods industry, tobacco, Mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, Metal industry, Other, Paper industry, printing industry, Public authorities, institutions

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ILFCO is open to partners globally as well as in Europe as a whole and especially in German regions