Korez Sorting Group d.o.o.

KOREZ Sorting Group d.o.o., has performed cooperative services for a number of years for sucessful slovenian and foreign companies.

We accept orders in smaller and larger quantities or can become your long-term strategic business partner.

We also accept one-time orders due to limited production capabilities a.k.a bottleneck.


Our offer is characterized by rich experience in various areas of manufacturing procesess:


Pre-assemblies and product assemblies, 

- demanding and less demanding assemblies (small household appliances, automotive industry, electrical industry, locking systems, candle buisinesses…),

- services of quality assesment of advertised items,

- inspection and quality control of semi-finished products and finished products and possible repairs thereof (plastic, rubber, metal…),

- intermediate and final packaging according to the regulations of the contracting authority,

- soldering,

- serial punching of smaller pieces,

- other services


We are a Slovenian production company Korez Sorting - Group d.o.o. with our own product - KONGI, the 500 ml elbow dispenser, which is a registered trademark. 

The KONGI dispenser is fully made in Slovenia and has a forty-year tradition to boast. Dispensers can be used to dispense disinfectants, liquid soaps or gels. 

The outer parts are made of high-quality ABS plastic and the mechanism is made entirely of medical INOX. 



Since 2019, all business procesess are done in accordance with ISO 9001:2015